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    How to Calculate GPA and CGPA in Nigerian Universities

    In Nigerian Universities result system is calculated Using CGPA. CGPA is an abbreviation for Cumulative grade point Average which is the final result of a student after each Academic Session and also the final academic result of a student after Concluding his/her duration of study for example: CGPA of a student after 5 years duration of study.

    GPA -: This means Grade Point Average in full which is Calculated using the grades of each Course of a student. The grade of each Course of a student is represented by Alphabets (A, B, C, D, E, F) according to the range of scores by each students and each alphabet has its own point,the table below explains better; 

    Score(%)GradeGrade Point Equivalent
    70 - 100A5 Excellent
    60 - 69B4 Very good
    50 - 59C3 Good
    45 - 49D2 Pass
    0 - 44F0-Fail

    Each Course in a the University has its own Units for example : Assuming in Your University Courses like 

    English may have 2 units 
    Mathematics   -   4 Units 
    Chemistry        -    3 Units 
    Biology.            -    4 Units 
    Philosophy      -     1 unit 
    Government.   -     1 Unit 
    Economics      -     3 Units 
    Social Science-     2 Units 
    Total Units       -    19 Units 

    Assuming a students grade and Gp for each course is as follows 

    Note:Grade Point for each course is calculated by 

    Grade point Equivalent X Number of Unit

    SubjectgradeGrade Point
    EnglishB4 X 2 = 8
    MathematicsA5 X 4 = 20
    ChemistryC3 X 3 = 9
    BiologyC3 X 4 = 12
    PhilosophyB4 X 1 = 4
    GovernmentD2 X 1 = 2
    EconomicsA5 X 3 = 15
    Social ScienceA5 X 2 = 10

    Calculating GPA = Total Grade Point ÷ Total Unit
     = 80 ÷ 20 = 4 
    therefore the GPA = 4

    Calculating CGPA :

    This is Calculated by the Adding the GPA of The first of Second Semester of an Academic session and dividing it by two and also Sum of the CGPA'S acquired during different Academic sessions dividing by the Number of Academic Duration of a student which is for Example: 

    1. Assuming A Student in 100 level got a

    GPA of 4 in 1st Semester 
    GPA of 3.5 in 2nd Semester 

    The CGPA in 100 level will be
    4 + 3.5 = 7.5 
    7.5 ÷ 2 = 3.75

     if another Student is in 400 level about to graduate his/her CPA will be Calculated thus
    total CGPA14.3

    Calculating the CGPA will be as follows: 

    CGPA = Total CGPA ÷ Number of duration (years) 14.3 ÷ 4 = 3.6 


    When a student fails a course .He/she must rewrites the course in the subsequent levels i.e Assuming A student failed Maths in his 100level(1st year).He/She will rewrite the Course in the Subsequents levels(years),the student decides when to write it .

    Calculating G.P for carryover students

    If a student fails Mathematics in 100 level and decides to write it in 300 level.The Course will be added to present Number of courses he/she is offering i.e if he is offering 7 courses in 300level + the course he is rewriting making 8 and the G.P will be calculated Using the Example shown above
    The total number of Units of his/her own course Unit and Total G.P will be higher than others. 

    Hope this was Helpful, if have any question or Contributions,Scroll down and post it on the comment box.

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