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    Lucrative Small businesses a student can do while in School

    There are  some business to do while in School(tertiary and otherwise)  in order to at least be independent and take care of some of your needs, they are:

    You can teach students in the schools about some subjects they are confused about or willing to know more. Especially the newly admitted students who are new to school about confusing subjects in Schools for a fee.

    Sales of Past questions: This is one of the easiest Business to do in School because it doesn't cost much, just involves gathering of past questions at least fives years back print, Compile them, sell and make your money.

    Food delivery: Some students in school don't know how to cook and some lecturers also don't eat in Public canteen. Just let them know your Bussiness intentions negotiate with, prepare the food and deliver to them. You can also a create a website like jumia.com to advertise your food to make students easily order for the food without coming in contact with you.

    Sales of lecture note: Some Students don't like carrying notebooks to school and also lecturers don't give comprehensive notes, some don't give at all rather they ask you buy there textbooks which are very very expensive. You can Make a comprehensive note on that particular course, duplicates it, sell it at a cheaper rate and make your money.

    Laundry: You can open a laundry business at school and make money from it because some students in school don't know how to wash and some don't like washing. So Yo u can do the work for them and they pay you.

    Blogging:  This pays very well especially students who likes to write articles(Educational, love stories, relationship, etc). It doesn't require much just a smart phone or laptop you will be making at least $100 a month. It doesn't cost much just about $30 and a laptop  or simply you can still create a free hosted blog free of charge with your smart phone or laptop.

    Cyber Cafe: you can also open a cyber cafe business at school and make cool cash from it just requires, A laptop, printer, Modem, table, Generator (for power supply)  and you are good to go and especially if you are good at online payment, You can be offering services such Jamb admission letter printing, Jamb registration, NYSC and so on. You also be photocopying and printing services at school

    Viewing Center and betting shop: You can also organize a viewing center for students to watch Sports, you can also open a betting shop such as bet9ja, where students can be playing there bets

    • Other Businesses Includes 
    • Hair Styling
    • Barbing 
    • Decorating services 
    • Painting
    • Software developing 
    • Graphics designing
    • Show Promoter/Event Manager
    • DJ
    • Fashion designing

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