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    Things to consider before Applying for admission into an institution in Nigeria

    People say that getting admission in Nigeria is very hard because due to lack knowledge of how it works and Requirements. There are things to consider before Applying for Jamb admission which will be listed below

    The Course you enroll in. 

    When applying for admission the first thing that comes into your mind is the course you want to do. You should choose what you are good at not because your parents advised to do so or you friends are doings it, this will lead to an impact in your future.
    You also need to Where weather the course of your c

    The University you want to apply for. 

    This is where people make most mistakes choosing the University you want apply for is not the problem but is the University willing to accept you or do you have a higher chance to getting admission into the University? The requirements below is the answer.

    Catchment Area/States :

    Note that you have a higher chance of getting admission in your own state of Origin than other states because institutions in Nigeria admits almost 80% of students from the state where it is located and 20% outside the state.

    JAMB Subject Combination:

     Selecting a wrong subject Combination can lead to your loss in admission but thanks to jamb CBT which automatically does the selection but it is important to know it because it help you in preparing for your jamb Exam

    The Departmental and General Cutoff Marks 

    This also helps in your choice of institution for instance in a particular Course A university may have a very high Cutoff mark while for another University
    It may be lower than the first one. You weigh yourself according to your IQ which one to go for. But applying for a University which has a very high cutoff mark for the course you have gives you a lower chance of getting admission.
    Courses like Medicine, Law have very high cutoff in some high ranking university but there are also universities that offer it at cutoff marks low enough to beat

    Screening Score 

    You have a higher chance of getting admission in Institutions that organises Online Screening  to the ones organises Screening Exams As far as you have a good WAEC Result

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