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    How to easily edit blogger template HTML with Android phone

    There are ways to edit blogger template with mobile phone, it can done either online or offline but first you have to know what template is.
    Template contains codes which determines how the content, appearance, arrangements of your blogger site.
    Editing a blogger site through online methods sometimes hang the phone because of the device insufficient ram size and the type of browser you are using, to edit a blogger template online your device must have a ram size of at least 1gb and use browsers like:

    • Mozilla Firefox apk and
    • Chrome browsers
    • Operamini (latest version and without turning on data saving or set to high)

    Android Compatible versions of this browsers

    How to edit blogger template online

    On the blogger dashboard with mobile browser click on themes

    Click on Edit html

    Then you can successfully edit your blogger template

    Editing template offline:
    Blogger template can be edited offline Using the following Android applications:

    • 920 text editor
    • Quickedit

    Now the app I have successfully tested is quickedit which I have used many time to edit templates and which 1 am going to use to explain:

    How to Edit blogger template offline:

    On your blogger dashboard click on template

    At the left upper side on the dashboard click on backup/restore

    A window pops Up click on download, the downloaded into your phone memory in XML fomat

    With the quickedit app you can open the and edit the template and then save

    When you are through with editing the template go back to your blogger dashboard

    Click on choose file to select file on phone storage

    Click on upload to upload the edited template.

    Then you have successfully edited a template offline.

    Hope this was Helpful, if have any question or Contributions,Scroll down and post it on the comment box

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